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“After implementing the strategies for eight weeks, I gained 12 new patients that led to over $40,000 of production! The Grow With The Instagram Rx system saved me so much time and money!”

- DR. NEDA M, Dermatologist.

As a healthcare professional, you’re tired of:

😩 Constantly checking your schedule to calculate your income

😩 Marketing “consultants” that send regular bills and zero patients

😩 Wrestling with insurance companies that dictate your care

😩 Secretly questioning your career choice…

When you started your practice, you thought it would be more like:

  • A waiting room packed with high quality patients eager to pay for the procedures you want to do
  • Making lots of money and not worry about the bills every month
  • Being seen as the go-to in your field and feeling confident in your care
  • Referring out the procedures you don’t enjoy and focusing on the ones you love
  • Seeing a few of your best patients a day (not the 40 you're currently seeing)
  • Spending your days helping patients and your off time living the life you’ve built

You just want to spend your time actually treating your patients – not sweating the bills and scrounging for your best patients.

Welcome to the Grow With The Gram, the minutes-a-day Instagram™ method to end the new patient hustle and elevate your practice


Grow With The Gram was designed for the healthcare professional who is nervous to put themselves out there, is worried about criticism, and doesn't totally get how social media marketing works.

You know a social media presence is important, but you just don't know how to make it work for your business... and you don't feel like your life is exciting and that you are "Instagrammable."

That all changes when you join Grow With The Gram.

Imagine trading 10 minutes a day for a waitlist of eager, ready-to-pay patients

When you sign up for Grow With The Gram, you’ll get instant access to the 3 Pillar Method you need to go from “I don’t even have a profile” to a packed waiting room.

Each Pillar is broken down into a step-by-step method that you can manage in just minutes a day – even if you’re starting with 0 followers.

"It has changed my practice. It has changed my life.

I have grown my account in 3 months from just a few followers to over 6,000.

I am very impressed."

— Dr. Tina Saw, Dentist.

Hi there, I'm Dr. Yazdan

Through a series unfortunate events I found myself in a situation with no money, no patients, employees that depended on me for a paycheck, a huge business loan, and a lot of expenses.

I turned to social media because it was a free way to market my business.

Now I get an average of 40 new patients a month into my practice from Instagram alone. I have a business that allows me tons of freedom in my life, personally and financially.

Every patient is my best patient and I make money doing only the procedures I want to do.

All from spending a few minutes a day marketing my businessInstagram using the strategies I teach inside of Grow With The Gram.

Grow With The Gram is a step-by-step roadmap for healthcare professionals to follow and understand the foundational steps to market their businesses and get their best patients their doors they can make more money.

I've taken my YEARS of experience marketing and turning it into DAYS of learning.

Your business should be enjoyable.

You should be treating patients you love doing procedures you want.

Let me help you build your business and make more money.

The Lifetime Value

Work on getting 20 of your BEST patients into your practice in the next 90 days and you will have the skills to get patients into your doors whenever you want.


You control the faucet.

Learn the foundational steps of marketing your business that you can implement anywhere, forever.

My social media presence isn't an accident. It's a result of using the strategies I lay out in Grow With The Gram onto every platform I want.

Here is what is inside;

PILLAR I : Foundations


PILLAR III : Conversions

Pillar I : Foundations

You don’t just want to get people in the door – you want them to walk in already sold. You want them telling their friends how awesome you are before their first appointment. And you can do that with organic marketing.

We’ll cover:

  • The 1 Patient Today Energy Formula ends the overwhelm and makes social media as easy as talking to your friend
  • If you want to sell on social media, you need this one thing (head’s up, you already have it!)
  • Clean Thinking will boost engagement, make you irresistible, and fill your calendar with appointments
  • One simple trick that makes social media actually fun, boosts your like factor, and prevents social media from being exhausting


Module 1: Setting up your Platform

You need this to be easy. Step-by-step kind of easy. No problem – Module 1 is all about breaking it all down into super simple, powerful steps so you can get going without feeling like you’re back in school. With plenty of before-and-after examples, you’ll have your perfect platform set up in no time.

We’ll cover:

  • The follow-along demo that sets up your profile fast
  • How to pick the perfect account style that converts
  • The 80/20 Rule lets you know exactly what to post so selling online feels effortless
  • How to create content that sells them before the consultation even starts


Module 2: Creating a meaningful Account

So you’re ready to post! But…what should you post? In this module, we’ll cover everything you need to know about creating content that pulls in new patients in just a few minutes a day.

We’ll cover:

  • The 1 thing your content should focus on – which makes knowing what to post 10x easier!
  • The 6 types of photos you need to stand out online
  • Which make-me-look-good apps are so handy they do the editing for you!
  • These 3 tips cut 8 HOURS of shooting down to 45 min (just in case you don’t have 8 hours to spare…)
  • Simple ways to use social media to build relationships and stay HIPAA compliant
  • How to create video with your smartphone that’s so polished, they’ll ask who did your shoot
  • This one sneaky trick will get viewers to binge watch your videos


Module 3: Attracting People To Your Account

Once you start creating content, it’s time to attract people to your account and – more importantly – turn those followers into lifelong, passionate patients.

We’ll cover:

  • Why you don’t need to worry if you’re starting from 0 followers
  • The 1 thing you can do to boost engagement by 79%
  • The 5 Dot Hack that gets people to read your comments
  • How to use #hashtags without being spammy (and when NOT to use them)
  • How to get your story pushed to the front (so people watch it first)
  • What you can do with your content to be seen as the expert in your field
  • How to get Instagram™ to promote you
  • The Swipe Script you can use to kick off your lives like a pro


Module 4: Staying Consistent

You know the routine: Post a TON on social media, get little to no response, forget for a few days, and give up until you remember how important social media is and post a TON for a few days. How’s that working?

Module 4 is all about giving you the plan to show up consistently, with just a few minutes a day. It’s way more powerful than posting a bunch all at once and, honestly, it’s easier. Once you’ve mastered these skills, your social media will truly take just a few moments each day to pack your waitlist.

We’ll cover:

  • How to know the best time of day to post (your busy schedule is going to love the answer to this one!)
  • The 2222 Formula to ensure you stand out
  • How to easily create content for the entire month in just one afternoon
  • How to take a break from social media without losing engagement or traction. You know, so your vacation actually feels like a vacation.


Module 5: Turning Followers Into Patients

Module 5 is what it’s all about – turning a loyal following into a flood of patients. When you master these techniques, you’ll wake up to an inbox full of new patient requests, consults will start with, “I love you! How can I hire you?”, and suddenly, you’ll remember why you went to school!

We’ll cover:

  • 11 straightforward and effective methods that let them see you as the go-to expert in your field
  • How to pick the right influencers to promo your services (and how to ask big companies to do the same!)
  • The 3:1 Rule that makes asking for the sale So. Much. Easier.
  • How to get the really good testimonials (and what to do with the so-so ones)
  • The 3 questions that pinpoint how well your Instagram™ plan is working

“This program helped me not be afraid to put myself out there. I was able to grow my account from 500 followers to 1,500 fairly quickly.

And more importantly many of those followers became patients of mine. The course was simple to follow and implement and Dr. Yazdan was available to answer any questions I had when I was stuck.”

-Dr. Neda Dentist

Pillar II : Growth


Taking Photos For Instagram™

Shooting and editing your photos does NOT need to take all day or be complicated.

You’ll love these time-saving tricks to turn one shoot into content for weeks without anyone knowing you did it all at once.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes of a photo set up (and watch while it’s edited!) and all the best finds from Amazon so you can get started now.


Recording Videos On Your Phone

Do not panic! This training will make you look GOOD!

And it’s all done on your smartphone – smart, simple, easy.

We’ll cover how to avoid sounding like a robot, how to ensure you don’t forget what you want to say, and how to use your videos to connect with your followers.

Follow along to see how to shoot and edit your video right on your phone.


Canva Video Tutorial

You want posts that stand out and pull in dream patients.

But you don’t want to spend time figuring it out.

No worries – You can follow each step (and pause the training!) as you’re guided through designing a post that fits your brand perfectly.


Social Media Content Creation Calendar

“I don’t know what to post!”

That’s one of the most common frustrations for healthcare practitioners on social media.

And it’s exactly why the Social Media Content Creation Calendar was born: So every single day you can just check your calendar and know exactly what you should post to transform your followers into patients.


150 Researched Hashtags Guide For Healthcare Professionals

You know hashtags are important but which ones should you use? And how do you find out? And where do you put them?

Relax – it’s already done for you here in the 150 Researched Hashtags Guide For Healthcare Professionals.

Just copy and paste the perfect hashtag so your posts are seen and liked!


Story Template Sets

These templates will save you days of time; Professional, polished, and (best of all) ready for you to upload to your story and shine!

You know those Insta stories with the extra bit of pop are the ones that get all the engagement – and now, with more than 80 templates to choose from – yours will, too.

Past students have said these are one of their favorite tools of the training. And they’re all yours.


Facebook Engagement Ad Training

Want to accelerate your growth? This training will walk you through setting up engagement ads.

We’ll cover what makes a good ad (head’s up – you might already have one!).

You actually get to see the back end of setting up a successful ad so you can follow along while setting up your own.

Within 3 weeks we had an increase in followers by 30% which lead to an increase in new patients by 22%


Pillar III : Conversions


How To Get The Algorithm To Work For You

Don’t worry – we’ll start off by explaining what the algorithm is and why you should care!

You’ll also get 5 take-and-tweak ideas you can use to get people to respond to your posts and we’ll dive into when a smaller following is actually better.

Once you get the algorithm to work for you, you can be sure your content is what they see (and engage with) first.


How To Convert In DMs

There’s a direct correlation between the number of DMs you respond to and the number of new patients that wander into your office.

So this training is going to be one of your favorites! You’ll master a smart trick to stop DMs from being idle “chit-chat” and see how to transform quick comments into new patients.


👍 Exclusive Facebook Group

You want a place to ask questions and get answers from health care professionals who have already cracked the Instagram™ code.

Join this private group and get the straight-shooting answers you need.

👍 How To Find Your First (Or Next!) 500-1000 Quality Followers On Instagram

Getting started is always the hardest part.

Which is why this bonus walks you through picking up your first 1000 quality followers.

Followers that respond, that like, that share, and – most importantly – sign up for your services.

👍 How To Create 1 Month Of Content In Just 1 Day

You’re busy. “Skipped lunch again” kind of busy.

So you’re going to love only having to plan out content once and spending the rest of the month watching the comments (and clients) roll in!


185 Captions That Convert For Healthcare Professionals – Here’s the truth: You know social media can pull in clients. But you literally do NOT have time or brainspace to devote to it. But you would love a jam packed waitlist. Good news: You don’t have to choose. 185 Captions is a fill-in-the-blank godsend. It’s literally 185 done-for-you posts. Just fill one in, hit “post” and get back to your practice.

200 Graphics For Healthcare Professionals – You’re going to want some eye-catching graphics to go with your 185 captions and these have been specifically curated for healthcare professionals to copy, paste, and post.

Dr. Yazdan has created a simple, easy to follow, effective program for anyone to ramp up their social media presence and to get more patients. The best thing about Grow with the Gram is it gives you a great, organized foundation to launch or improve your social media presence. She encourages you to find your own style, and her program does not try to squeeze you into a one size fits Instagram page.  

With the tools Dr. Yazdan provides, you can efficiently build your presence on Instagram and gain new patients into your practice for free.

This is a program I can easily reference again and again to create compounding changes and keep getting patients. Isn’t that what every doctor wants? To be able to reach a wider audience and help more patients get the treatments they desire and need to be happier and healthier? And to make more money as a result of it? My only regret is not starting earlier. 

-Dr. Jaclyn

A lot of healthcare practitioners have tried social media; They post a TON for weeks but every post takes So. Much. Time.

And despite their efforts, no patient's come.

They may also hire social media companies to keep up with their posting, and all they get is a bill and no new patients.

So they stop, the patients don’t come, and they give up.

But there's a reason all your time and effort, and money you have spent hasn't worked yet.

The secret to Instagram™ success is CONSISTENCY with the right STRATEGY.

You aren't selling a $15 lipstick. You are selling a high ticket item. And the way you need to market your business is different than what other businesses are doing.

Which is why Grow With The Gram gives you the strategy you need in order to get your BEST patients into your practice.

It even makes it easy, done for you, and literally just takes a few minutes a day.

That’s not the only thing that makes this system unique: The best part of Grow With The Gram is that it was created by a doctor specifically for healthcare professionals.

So you know it’s:

  • Designed for your “I only have 10 free minutes a day” schedule
  • Super straight-forward and step-by-step
  • Practical, applicable, and professional
  • HIPAA compliant

If you’re tired of constantly wishing you were making more money and want to fill your calendar with patients you truly enjoy treating, you need to join Grow With The Gram.

Even if...

you’ve tried social media before, you “don’t have time”, you’re sure business is “about to pick up”.

Grow With The Gram can show you how to spend a few minutes a day on Instagram™ and watch your practice grow exponentially.

You can join Grow With The Gram today for as little as $397.

Get access to Grow With The Gram for 3 payments of $397 a month or save $194 and pay in full.

Both options give you instant, lifetime access.

For the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can get your hands on the step-by-step blueprint you need to turn Instagram™ into an endless supply of loyal, passionate patients.

Most Flexible

  • Access to Grow With The Gram
  • Private Facebook Group
  • How to create 1 month of content in 1 day
  • Your next 500 to 1000 quality followers on Instagram

3 monthly payments of $397

Enroll now  + Pay Monthly >>>

Best Value

  • Access to Grow With The Gram
  • Private Facebook Group
  • How to create 1 month of content in 1 day
  • Your next 500 to 1000 quality followers on Instagram

$997 - (Saving $194)

See what others have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Five days after I finished the program, I got my first patient from Instagram™. It’s been 8 months now and I’m up to about 14 new patients per month. That’s anywhere from $18,000-$24,000 a month of production."

Registered Nurse

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I made my money back in 2 weeks. I went from 0 followers to 250 followers in 2 weeks and got 3 patients right away. Those 3 patients led to $4500 in my business. This program was worth every penny!”

Physical Therapist

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I went through all the lessons in just 3 weeks, and already I’ve grown my social following, grown my engagement, and I can’t even believe this but I’ve even had new clients coming in, 4 to be exact! I'm looking forward to what the future holds!"



You've tried social media before and it didn't work.

You posted online and only got one comment (Thanks, Mom)
You hired a social media expert but all you got was a bill
You not only have zero spare time, you don’t have a clue what to post
You’re pretty sure Instagram™ is for shinier, Insta-model people


Grow With The Gram is for any healthcare professional that wants to use Instagram™ to transform their practice from struggling for each patient, to referring out your overflow.

Grow With The Gram is my step-by-step system to show healthcare professionals how to use Instagram™ to transform their practice in just 10 minutes a day.

Don’t spend a year experimenting, don’t even spend a month crossing your fingers that referrals will come in.

Sign up for Grow With The Gram and get the fast track secrets to turn Instagram™ into an endless sea of high-paying patients.

If you’re tired of your business running you and seeing 2 patients you hate for everyone 1 you love, and you want to get more of your BEST patients into your practice sign up for Grow With The Gram now.

Still not sure if Grow With The Gram is right for you?

These are real results, from real students:

  • 12 new patients and $40,000 of production in 8 weeks
  • Finished the program and 5 days later, got their 1st new patient
  • Average 14 new patients per month ($18,000-$24,000 of production)
  • 4 new patients in 3 weeks
  • Increased new patients by 22% in 3 weeks

This is possible when you have a your marketing systemized in a way that attracts only your best patients and gets them sold on you and your practice BEFORE they even walk through your doors.

Results like these could change your practice, your career, and your life.

All it takes is joining now and a few minutes a day.


Smart Questions from Healthcare Practitioners

Don’t I need to have a ton of followers for Instagram™ to work?

Not at all. The 3 Pillar Method is all about quality leads – not quantity. You don’t need millions of followers to be profitable. Plenty of past students have started with no followers and grown to just a few hundred and still gotten new patients through the door.

Think of it this way: Imagine you have 750 followers. Now imagine they come to your office just to hang out. How many of them do you think you could convert into paying clients if you chat with them for just a few minutes? This is about relationship building, not being an “Insta-influencer”. The only difference is that hang out is happening in your DMs.  

Instagram™ has been around forever – isn’t it too late to leverage it now?

No way!

When it comes to the healthcare market, there’s PLENTY of room at the top. Less than half of our industry is even on Instagram™ and of those, how many are using the laser-focused, magnetic system of Grow With The Instagram™ Rx?

Add in that, in the US alone there are 120 million users on Instagram™ (basically 1 out of every 3 people you see) and you can be sure your potential patients are on there.

How can I be on social media without violating HIPAA?

GREAT question!

Building relationships on social media is really just like talking to a potential client face to face; We give examples without revealing the details.

Once you get the hang of how to do it, it’s really simple. I’ll cover the specifics of HIPAA and social media in Module 2.

What if it makes me look unprofessional and I get judged?

I get it.

I’m a Dentist and my industry can be pretty critical. I’m sure yours can be, too.

But if you conduct your practice in a professional manner, you can easily do the same with your Instagram™ account.

Keep in mind: There are 3 types of Instagram™ accounts that work well for healthcare professionals. Odds are, you’ve only seen the one type. We’ll cover the 3 types and how to know which one will work best for you in Module One.

Can I just outsource this?

Actually, no.

Here’s the thing: Instagram™ isn’t about being “social media savvy”. It’s about you, talking to your future patients, and building a relationship with them.

Paying someone thousands to manage your account will just result in you having to check everything anyway (and hoping they do it right). Grow With The Instagram™ Rx is only 10 minutes a day, Instagram™ is free, and building those profitable relationships is priceless.

I’m really busy. Will I have time to do this effectively?


When I said this course was designed for healthcare professionals – I didn’t just mean strategies specific to healthcare.

I mean it’s designed to fit in between Patient #1 who had a lot of questions, and Patient #2 who is in a hurry.

Every healthcare practitioner I’ve ever known has been way too busy, so Grow With The Instagram™ Rx is efficient but powerful!

What’s the return policy?

If you commit to the 3 Pillar Method found in Grow With The Gram, it WILL work.

  • You WILL turn your Instagram™ profile into a wealth of future patients.
  • You WILL be able to pre-sell your consults.
  • You WILL get to focus on the treatments you want to do (and outsource the rest).
  • You WILL transform your business.

However, if, after 7 days you decide Grow With The Gram isn’t right for you, email Khalil at and he’ll set up your refund. No questions asked.

I’m a student in healthcare. Can I sign up for this?

Oh my gosh – please do! I wish I had started my Instagram™ when I was in school. Imagine how kicking off your career with a waitlist of loyal patients will change everything – you can charge more, go out on your own sooner, have more confidence. YES – DO IT!

My advice is (clearly!) to start growing your following now so you can graduate to a waitlist of paying fans! And, since you have access to Grow With The Instagram™ Rx for life, you can review the strategies as your business grows and develops and use the Facebook Group for community and help as you start out.

In one month, you could be praying for referrals and doing procedures you don’t like. Or you could sign up for Grow With The Instagram™ Rx and start getting perfect-for-you patients crowding your waiting room.