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As a Doctor


As a doctor, one of the worst feelings you can have is checking your account at the end of the month and feeling like you worked so hard, only to have no income left over for yourself... or at least not what you know you deserve to be making.

What if I told you there's 1 simple strategy you could start implementing today to help you increase your collections and profits?

I've helped my clients go from 40k months to 120k months consistently, or grow from 400k months to 500k months consistently with this 1 simple strategy.

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Good news for you: I've created a short video to explain this 1 strategy and help you take action right away so you could be making what you want and deserve to be making.

In 6 minutes from now you can be implementing this 1 strategy to help you collect more in your practice.

Hi, I'm Dr. Yazdan

Practicing Dentist & Certified Business Coach

I went from working 12-13 hours A DAY in my practice to working 13 hours a WEEK in my practice and more than doubling my collections.

As a Certified Business Coach, I have a process I walk my clients through to help them collect the exact amount of collections they want.

Here's what I've helped some of my clients achieve.

*Growing from 1.2 million in collections to 1.9 million

*Growing over 100k a month in collections every single month

*Going from a 5 day work week to a 3 day work week while increasing the collections by 65k a month consistently

I can help you too.